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Can You Relate to These Common Struggles?

Short on Time

Struggling to find time each day to work on your business and goals?


Playing Small

Have you held yourself back for so long now it feels like second nature?



Worried you’re unworthy of getting what you want or being successful?

meet karen renee halseth

Intuitive Business Coach

Meet Karen Renee Halseth

I know exactly how you feel

I knew I had gifts that were important to share but found it challenging to get my work out there. Holding myself back and playing small went on for so long that I believed it was who I really was. Month after month, I was stuck in searching for a clear direction of where my business and life was going. I thought that if only I could find the key that would unlock the door to true unstoppable confidence and success I would run right through to the life of my dreams.

Through coaching, I discovered the trauma of my past was draining my energy and negatively impacting my business in a huge way. Focusing on the inner work while building my business skills made all the difference. Doing the work on both fronts shifted everything both personally and professionally in ways I could not even have imagined.

Now I’m passionate about assisting entrepreneurs who are here to make a difference and yet not achieving the levels of success that they deserve.

As an intuitive I get to the core of an issue with less time and more accuracy to discover what is underneath your struggles and assist you to move beyond them for good.

Becoming bigger & bolder is just 3 steps away

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Together we’ll create a customized plan to uplevel your business and life

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Achieve the Goal

Each & every week, I’ll support you with every step to put the plan in action

Tired of the uncertainty and going in circles in your business and life?

Go from frustrated to flow

There’s something extremely painful about holding yourself back from your greatest potential in your work. It’s not like your friendships or your other relationships. Your work life is supposed to be the place where you shine your light the brightest and bring your gifts forth to serve others. When it’s not, you spend your days feeling inadequate, unworthy & full of self-doubt. I know this all too well…

Although I truly believe that I was put on this earth to be something much bigger & bolder than I was being, I just kept holding myself back. Even though I tried not to, I was stuck in constantly comparing myself to other people ahead of me and going in circles in my business and my life. I spent my days in the feeling of “I’m not doing enough” & had daily doubts about if I even could. It finally reached the place where I had to face my greatest fear—make my business work or give it up and get a job. So I dove in to figure this out.

You can move forward with ease

Working with my business coach, the light bulb went on

I had been trying to cure all the places I doubted, felt inadequate and unworthy by looking for the correct business and marketing strategies. I thought that if I just knew exactly what to do, all those feelings would go away. Not true. Instead I started to work with the issues that were showing up while building my business and noticing how they were connected to past trauma. Healing these became my focus.

My business began to grow right along with the personal development work. As I incorporated this process working with my clients, focusing on their inner trauma/issues first, building a successful business went hand in hand. Their confidence and clarity reached new heights along with their enthusiasm for life and business. They were able to stop going in circles and step into their value. Once they were aligned with their value and gifts, revenues increased. They no longer felt like imposters, began to enjoy their business more than ever before and said goodbye to playing small.

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What You Get

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Three month one-on-one intuitive business coaching program

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We’ll start with a 90 min strategy session and then work every other week via zoom

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Ongoing intuitive guidance to identify core negative beliefs & clear them for good

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Powerful meditations and tools to use every week to keep you on track

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Access via email and text for real time support since life happens between sessions

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Monthly Motivation & Inspiration email setting the tone for your successful month

Client Love

Karen Renee Halseth

Karen Renee is a Certified Circle of Life Coach & Master Intuitive with 20 years of experience. Following careers in Hotel and Day Spa management, in 2003 she founded her intuitive business coaching business, where she uses her unique combination of intuition, business acumen, and life coaching expertise to empower female entrepreneurs to overcome past traumas and tap into their full potential for brilliance and success. 

She works with clients to merge their spiritual and business lives, allowing them to confidently show up as their true selves and achieve success on all levels. Having accomplished what many people believe is impossible for their own life, she holds space for her clients to achieve their highest outcomes, believing in them and their vast potential until they are able to realize it on their own.

Imagine reaching your business & life goals with more ease
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Find the right mix of priorities as you juggle life, family & your business

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Finally feel worthy of getting what you want and being successful

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Have crystal clear direction for where your business & life are going

enjoy business success
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Inspired & Ignited

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Or you can choose the second path.

You can choose to do something different, to stop trying to figure this out all by yourself and instead follow the lead of someone who has already figured out how to get the very things you want so badly. You know where you’ll be in a year if you choose to do nothing, but there’s no telling how far you’ll go in life with an expert by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to turn your business around, I invite you to choose the second path, click the button below, and take the first step toward a bigger, brighter tomorrow.